Primitive thoughts 

As the first ray of sun impinges his eye, the primitive man lumps up and sets out for the lonesome goal in his life – survival, for he knows not the burden or the joy of money or the weekends off to heave a sigh of relief.

There’s a movement behind the bush  and he must warn his species off the danger  for he knows not how this danger would be used later by his own, on his own…….

It’s raining heavily and he must find a shelter for he knows not that dried out life ahead , will take the shelter under these rains
He is chirping and swaying with the wildlife for he knows not, what boredom is.

It’s about night and the man collects the scatters-the woods and the twigs for he has to survive the night,in order to see the sun . No. He knows not the special diet plans and the calorie burdened food.

He runs to bed as he hears the wolves moan at a distance in the moonlit dark sky for he knows not, when the sky will give an evil surge.

But one thing he knows for sure that his very own primitiveness protects and guides him to the mysterious paths , yet to be explored.


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