The twilight terror 

        Dylan Thomas has etched these immortal words that raise your hair on the ends.

It’s the middle of the night. Your hectic work and your sweating out the entire day, has failed to reward you your well deserved dreamless sleep. You lay awake in the bed clutching your favorite cozy blanket, you expect will protect you.

               A tree near the window, has had the same fate as yours and is tweaking it’s branches, as it’s sleep is entirly nullified by the hollow ball- eyed owl, rotating it’s head to give your sleeplessness, an extra company.

The faceless old man on the road, covered with a smelly thick black rug , you’ve feared since birth, taps his wooden stick on the ground mercilessly, making your already trembled sleep, now impossible. 
The trees, birds, the people and other things that seemed to be insignificant in the day, haunt you at night, grabbing your heart tightly. Sometimes you wonder” Is the Hitchcock craziness drowning me for real?”. Well, you might find an appropriate answer to it later.
                 When we are presented with unexpected situations – real or imaginary, that tend to shake the very core of our existence, we tend to “flight or fight”. It shows the “real mirror” of our vulnerability, the stroke of death or the fear of the unknown. We often react on the spot, to these situations ,than we had forethought of, earlier.
              For instance, sometimes you think, what would you do, if you come home at night to find out to your horror, that the door is ajar. You plan in your mind, that you would alarm your neighbours or call the police or kins before entering. But if this happens in real, you tend to act differently as your conscience tells you to. You may enter inside hurrily , dial or text your dear ones, in the hope that if something goes wrong, someone should know it. You check the rooms as you rushfully enter the house or close the doors and windows tight and you are ready to fight anyone or anything that comes in your way while imagining the worst in your head. In short, you act in the way you haven’t thought or planned before.

                 And after all this, you later realize that this was all, but a game of the neurotransmitter signals fighting in your brain and you laugh at it mockingly. 

” The dreams make you fear,

oh! the reality is almost here.
the agony of the great shadows surpassed,

still makes a tiny insect look aghast. 
but oh Mortal, hold onto the string of your dear,

that makes the evil wear and tear”


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