Defying death 

The dark yet silver lined clouds invaded the sky late that evening. The stars , the moon and other heavenly bodies eventually hid behind the dark curtain. She hurried on the way back to her apartment. Susan’s bike was now making horrendous sounds like a huge engine about to crash. The next thing she heard […]

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Bewitched- again!!! 

‘ The boy who lived’- it’s been almost 5 years since any Potter head has  heard these magical words. And just last week , with the fantastic beasts movie, this magical world, which was slowly drowning under the marshes of growing puberty and mid twenties, suddenly sprung back from the cobwebs and the dust lathering […]

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Primitive thoughts 

As the first ray of sun impinges his eye, the primitive man lumps up and sets out for the lonesome goal in his life – survival, for he knows not the burden or the joy of money or the weekends off to heave a sigh of relief. There’s a movement behind the bush  and he […]

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The twilight terror 

        Dylan Thomas has etched these immortal words that raise your hair on the ends. It’s the middle of the night. Your hectic work and your sweating out the entire day, has failed to reward you your well deserved dreamless sleep. You lay awake in the bed clutching your favorite cozy blanket, […]

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The ungratified goblet.

A thirsty, homeless handicap, finds solace in a drop of rain, Dribbling along his throat, like a pearl, it heals all the pain. The sight of a merrily hopping antelope, Dilates the lion’s eyes with hunger. The predator after it’s feast, doesn’t set an eye on a soul, Leave aside the bargains of a shameless […]

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