I  never knew when it entered my life,

all I could sense was, the freedom from this  chaotic strife.

It swirled me in the wind, holding me in it’s arms with pride,

all I could do was smile, oh, did I change my stride?

while it  swayed, swinged, skipped me  to it’s rhythm,

others simply wondered till now, where was it hidden.

This mersmerising bond  was too strong to break,

as my heart won’t bear yet another ache.

Time walked by like a shadow, unrealized,

it had a secret which wasn’t much idealized.

the time had a companion who followed it like a dog,

no one knew when their life would be blurred again like a fog.

As the time passed by my window, it’s comrade joined it unknowingly,

it was too late when I sensed the broken bond , the scars were etched, willingly.

I opened my eyes as I lost my time,

now aware of a new ally in the mirror, frowning and all mine.

empty handed, as I looked out with the pale eyes,

the time waved me goodbye, happiness tagging  along with it, still wise.

– Purva Abhyankar 







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