The legends gone big




Amongst all the ongoing Comic-con hype, the excitement levels  are at their peak levels. What will be the fate of our favourite superheroes? Who will win? Will all the heroes get together and have a party like the super-villians are just starting to? All this curiosity which will eventually kill the cat  has reached  new levels with fans coming up with their own intuitive theories and publishing it as ‘supposed spoilers’. Now, it’s not about good versus evil but about survival of the fittest. These mergers and divisions  among them reminds us of big budget companies negotiating budgets, with the two big players being Marvel and DC.

With the grey-haired Batman mentoring  youngsters like the Flash, I feel like a human from historic generation. Like the darkness has  covered the entire earth and it is time to find a new planet to avoid the mass of the overpopulating earth to overcome the gravity and us falling in a deep, never-ending blackhole not to be found in thousands of light years. Imaginations apart, it’s no longer a kid’s play with all the mortal politics involved and one meta-human trying to kill the other over the name of empowerment. The time has come when we have to choose our  favourite superhero, not on the basis of their superpowers but on their wittiness, sarcastic strength and humour- dark or subtle. Basically, we have made our superheroes just like us- megre mortals. And of course, this has changed over time.

From all the kicking and boxing and shooting lasers from the eyes, it has come down to debates, support of the political leaders and most importantly, ruling our planet. Even a hero like Superman- an alien, has been cautiously caught in this satirical, mind-moulding democratic web.

From all this, there is only one thing I can say. Live and prosper in a galaxy- far far away.




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