We often listen to the inspirational talks or lectures which often comes to relatively same conclusion to let go of other people as well as ourselves too. This is true selflessness. 

 There can be many terms to this word- love, affection, care, sacrifice, etc. But this  one stands out of the box in a true sense. 

When you are happy or in peace with your life, there is some sort of selfishness that persists subconsciously or unknowingly. There is a faint aroma of pride in having a good family, our own circle of friends and colleagues whom you get along with. If any of these try to leave your life for their own happiness, you hesitate, quiver for a moment. That’s because you are somewhat in disagreement with the idea of them choosing others over you. Thats where the selflessness begins to leave your soul and is eventually replaced by pride, jealousy and greediness. 

The true example of leading a selfless life is of renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who lost the capability to walk, move and talk in his younger days. Yet, his wife stood by him in every stage of his struggle filled life, selflessly. That’s because she loved him and she was there when he needed her the most. But eventually, he let her go when it was time and he could no longer see her struggling to live a normal life. Even though they both loved each other, they were struggling to live a comfortable life. That’s the most selfless thing I’ve ever read. 

It’s is not about protecting our loved ones for our happiness  but to let them go, fly away, so that when they need shelter in the future, they’ll come back to their loved ones on their own. That’s true happiness. 


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