The first heavenly pour

The city received it’s first rain a month ago and all the mortals and also the greenery were glad that atleast The Hindu God of rains, Lord Indra was punctual and had showered his blessings on time. The dry spell of summer had finally managed to leave for good, wrecking the hearts with dryness and cracks.
This year, however, when the first shower came down from the clouds, I was unusually in an unusual, special place. Who would have imagined that I would experience this amazing end of dryness inside a tent , sipping hot ginger tea, in a densely green forest? In my opinion, this made the moment special, as I experienced some extraordinary miracles of nature live that day.  

As I scanned with my myopic vision through my glasses, everything and everyone around was in motion now. The cracks on the ground were on their way of extinction when the drops made their way through them to reach the deep cores of the earth which were quenching for it, like the Hindu mythological bird ‘chatak’ who awaits to see the raindrops eagerly every summer. The snails who had searched for a comparatively moist home to survive this heat were out in seconds, for the whole world was their home now. It was like a soldier in hiding, waiting for the right moment to grab that sword and fight with a full might. When some of the rain drops landed directly on and in the soil, some had to travel through a long route to reach their destination. The drops shattered and landed on the leaves who were now bathing after months, their bodies cleansed, inside out. The drops bent and curved on the edges of the leaves showing off their refractive power, through mini rainbows, which were a true pleasure at the moment. This long route was indeed an enjoyable journey for them.

As I sipped more tea which was on the verge of finishing, I heard a loud thud and squeaking, which made my attention shift from the trees to the ground. The peacocks and peahens had found their lost voices all of a sudden and were the next item of my nature bound entertainment. They ran and shouted on top of their voices, their joy, now knew no bounds. They were shouting out their happiness by opening their feathers in a hand fan like shape, which is a favorite moment of the ladies who react as if they have actually seen their favorite actor live and dancing. This made other animals and worms come out of their hiding and express their joy or anger on the peacocks otherwise for disturbing them.

As the show was going on in full swing, I realized that me, a human species , was in minority, at the moment among these nature’s true friends and instead of feeling scared or afraid, I was happy and unharmed. This musical playlist was much better and enjoyable than the one on my phone. I just stayed for the moment and grabbed it in my heart for years to come.


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