I  never knew when it entered my life, all I could sense was, the freedom from this  chaotic strife. It swirled me in the wind, holding me in it’s arms with pride, all I could do was smile, oh, did I change my stride? while it  swayed, swinged, skipped me  to it’s rhythm, others simply […]

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The legends gone big

    Amongst all the ongoing Comic-con hype, the excitement levels  are at their peak levels. What will be the fate of our favourite superheroes? Who will win? Will all the heroes get together and have a party like the super-villians are just starting to? All this curiosity which will eventually kill the cat  has […]

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We often listen to the inspirational talks or lectures which often comes to relatively same conclusion to let go of other people as well as ourselves too. This is true selflessness.   There can be many terms to this word- love, affection, care, sacrifice, etc. But this  one stands out of the box in a true […]

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The first heavenly pour

The city received it’s first rain a month ago and all the mortals and also the greenery were glad that atleast The Hindu God of rains, Lord Indra was punctual and had showered his blessings on time. The dry spell of summer had finally managed to leave for good, wrecking the hearts with dryness and […]

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