The cracked stone walls wore the

  laminated heads of the murdered  

  creatures on it’s chest , 

  like a broach ,with careless pride, 


The chandelier hung riskily by its ever-loosening threads,

Filling the room with the echoes 

that sounded far deeper than it’s empty air. 
  The worn out carpets still shining with the eternal richness of it’s golden threads ,

laid flat on the ground , welcoming the royal feet with it’s velvety feel. 
The fungoid wooden door with rusted red- black chains hanging,

 a ghastly creek heard every time it moved, echoed it’s real age. 
The majestic ,oval , stained mirror, 

stuck in the middle of the room , 

echoed the essence of the entire area. 

It’s diamond filled frame caught the smirk of the soul peeking in it, 

perfectly reflecting the hollowness. 


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