Hey Mrs Rowling, petrificus totalus!!!

Dear Mrs Rowling,

      With the younger generation , all excited about your new Harry Potter play, ” the Cursed child”, it pretty much brings my hopes down. Just imagine our Harry, dressed in a suit, kissing his wife and children goodbyes and off to work in the ministry of magic as an Auror, with most of his days drowned in the loads of paperwork! Pretty unimaginable and well, non- magical. And to add to this babbling, bumbling band of baboons, Albus Severus Potter is the “cursed child’!! I mean calling a child , with all the privileges and fame, cursed, is a lot mudbloody, don’t you think?

               Moving on, the new upcoming movie about the ‘ Fantastic Beasts’ author Newt Scamander, is pretty much hyped too, with all the popular casts and crews hired to play the characters ,along with a big budget special effects team. Yes!!! We all are very much excited , to see a wizard, with half of his life, spent chasing animals. 

              Is the whole thing, a feeble attempt to keep the series alive in our hearts? Well, the Harry Potter fandom is content with the original seven book series which, Mrs Rowling wrote in her sane days. The attempts to turn the whole magical world lucrative, is just going to turn back and destroy the whole essence of it. Would it be wrong if I compare your new ideas with the horcruxes? Isn’t that ironical, Mrs Rowling?

             I would only advice you to not let it fade away and bask in the glory of the halo, which is still shining on you. Because its Dumbledore , who has immortalized your thoughts, ( which I ‘ve slightly modified), that ” Memories are our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it. ” So let us bend in our pensieve of memories to live them again, rather than to create more artificial , lucrative ones.

                               With love and pity, 

     Your eternal and tolerable fan.



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