When the ink flows on the paper……

The very small flashing thoughts that we get into our heads every millisecond, may not be as significant and worth rethinking. But some of them are just so beautiful and genuine , that they just occur and vanish in the air- Puff! Just like that!! After that, even if we rethink about it , they are not that much effective and lustrous as the thought/s first appeared to be. 

        To prevent these little clouds to effervescence within no time, I bind them down in my little book. Whatever I see or reflect, I make it a point to get that in my book. Whether the nearly missed motion of the white clouds or the sight of a bird feeding the little one, it’s all there when I feel down and need something to get up back again. It makes me pause for a minute and retrospect what I’ve been missing out on life. Nevertheless of its intensity, it gives me a sense of joy. That’s the reason I write. It’s permanent. As the spoken words just go away,  never to come back. 


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