With a windy gush cometh happiness!

They say that happiness is hidden in nooks and corners of that hidden cracked walls which comes out all of a sudden and takes us into it’s arms by surprise. What if I say it’s true and is experienced in reality. The feeling is just incomparable and incapable of being reversed. You just get swooped off your feet and are floating in the air.

              Your first snow, falling in flakes on you first and on the ground next with such an intensity that you get used to it within seconds. The green lushy trees, surrounding you turn on their polka dot style and lighten around you. There is a certain aura which keeps your mood elited at all times without getting help from alcohol or it’s kind. the wild dogs following you in the most sophisticated manner you could ever imagine in your dreams, making a way for you to climb atop a slow laden mountain. the changing weather from time to time makes you feel vulnerable but then, you realize that you are more stronger than you were or you thought you would be making you proud of yourself. The hymns chanted by the leaves rustling against each other making the water on them squeeze itself and make a resonating echo on it’s way to the ground. This is the pure music falling on your ears that you have never heard of. That satisfaction when you enjoy the first cup of tea touching your lips which does not make you all acidic and bloaty. That calls for cheers as you have not achieved it in 24 years of your not- so- interesting- till- now -life.

                   You surely look at things quite differently than you used to before evidencing such miracles in your own country.That is apparently impossible if you don’t have a good company- and by good I mean awesome. Like all the people with you are thinking and behaving with the same intensity and wavelength, sticking with you no matter what. I believe that these moments come with rarity in everyone’s life but it’s possible if you first take a step forward and then, let life do all the rest. Believe me when I say this that it’s mesmerising and sacred all at once.

                       Dedicated to all the strangers who are now an inseparable part of my journey, I call LIFE.


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