The words remain unspoken throughout, yet, the heart is overwhelmed by numerous emotions.                             For the horizon of these words when the imagination is born, cannot simply be underrated. The dazzle is precious and shining.   That rustic smell, that nostalgic touch […]

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The dribble 

The  saline entered his vein, drop by drop.                                                As the bottle hung down from a rod,                                 […]

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Breathing for a glance

She looked at her watch. The mailman was half an hour late. Divya always thought of Raju, as her lucky mail deliverer  who always brought some good news about her relatives with him, every week. After she turned her sand-clock upside down, thrice, her sharp ears heard the bicycle ring. A stranger riding a bicycle […]

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A spell is cast somewhere, out there, the moment you see a tiny water drop finding its way on a leaf, to the tip. Then it curves and falls on the scorned earth- the joy rising as pure effervescence.  A spark is lightened, somewhere out there, the moment the unfed, mongrel dog glares at you […]

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An Incantatory Call

The steep, rocky, dry, snow-clad, heartless mountains in Leh seemed to take a toll on my soul (technically, my airway). The icy dryness was cracking my core. The trip to the north was failing to soothe me. Instead, I was looking for some warmth, to help me go on. As I was about to kneel […]

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