The tale of tails and pride.

Walking down the street John thinks,” Hmm. What do I eat for dinner?” That’s when a dog crosses his way and breaks the chain of his thoughts. John is a human, unlike the dog. But what’s the one common thing between the two of these species? Of course! The name John! But do other friends […]

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From the grandmother’s shelf

As she opened her mind one day, thousands of stories heaped before my eyes. Curling together in bed after dinner, I knew instantly, imaginations were never lies. As the old story from the other day unfolded further, my eyes and mind synced and began the beautiful journey ahead. Those were the days I still vividly […]

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I found THE song!

Tunes, melodies, symphonies, chords. Deep down their meanings, they merge to be one. The beats, the rhythm, the measure , the pulse. To the heart, they all are the same. What makes these analogies unique in their core, are the words. Lyrics if you may. These are the essence, the heart and soul that wake […]

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The Endpoint

Her legs sped like a cartwheel spinning haywire, The wooden stairs of the house, bore all the weight efficiently, The narrowly winding road across the town, resiliently occupied them in its gut. The broken pillar lying across the street, supported them like its own offsprings. The swamps however gave in, It was the Earth’s endpoint.

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Die Welt ist rund, Und habe ich einen Hund. Isst sie keine Kartoffeln und Zwischen Oktober mit mir gefallen Das ist nicht eine Leben, Aber möchte ich den grünen Farben. Sabine hat richtige Rechnung , liest sie heute eine Zeitung.

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Try try but please cry!

I don’t know in what mode of life I am, but I’ve not cried since about 6 months! So one day I thought of relieving my heart off its burden. As they say, crying helps you get all the emotional stuff out of you and you kind of restart on your emotional baggage. So then! […]

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They matter the most

Things that don’t matter the most, matter the most to me. They matter the most to me, because, they are devoid of injustice. They are devoid of injustice, as they don’t diversify petty things. They don’t diversify petty things, that’s not their mentality. Their mentality is to treat everyone with respect and utter care. Things […]

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The words ran out of my mind suddenly, I couldn’t help my brain. Is it really the block or Have I used up all of the dictionary again? The sleep ran out of my eyes. The night seemed like a long terrain. Is it the weather, the blues, I wonder, Or is it just the […]

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Nature on the wall.

As I was thinking about how I should spend my time in nature, I could hear the birds chirping, the branches swinging to the rhythm of the wind and the butterflies flapping to the beat. Then my mind wandered from birds to chicken 65 and how badly carnivorous I’m. But next, it dawned on me […]

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