You, are not enough

The world, as large as it might be, is an unfair state of affairs. The penniless is scolded for not owning a penny. The penny full is nagged for owning too much, The wife is shouted on, for not multitasking enough. The man is doubted with sterility, if enough humans are not brought into this […]


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Never Have I Ever!!!!

Never did I ever think that I would relate to Nalini! Yes. That character from the series titled the same (as this blog’s title ) . So this is my shout out to you Nalini! Yes! She is that typical Indian mom to a crazy teenager. I just binged watched the whole series one day […]

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That earthy aroma!

It was cloudy one evening, when I was sipping my cold coffee and relaxing out in the open. That heat had got my temper as it wanted and now I was a slave to it’s moody deflections. This summer, I would be more outrageous than the last, the sun had decided that for me. As […]

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My Pet Pee(ve)s

Unaware of the world we were about to dive into, My man and I got a new puppy and it hopped into our house saying “me too”. Whose name matched a tiger lineage, so we noted our aim- to surely transform him eventually, into his name ! And then for months after, we cleaned and […]

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The circus

In the hot bright summers , When the cold, white and shining ice melts away, I, a child then, would wait for the season’s real magic. A mirage in the desert, the circus! All the acrobats dressed in glitters would look like stars fallen from heaven. I would think of them as angels sent from […]

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The happiest man on earth

This book is a first person account of Eddie Jaku- a 99 year old Holocaust survivor. Listening to his audiobook was more of an experience for me rather than just finishing off those pages. It was as if I was watching his life helplessly from behind a screen or a tree but those events were […]

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The journey with this soulmate is beautiful, persistent and full of hurdles. Sometimes it stops midway, abruptly halting the trip and pretending as if nothing has happened. But most times, it continues for days, weeks or even months These days, weeks and months are full of thoughts, wondering on various possibilities, guessing the outcome. Emotionally, […]

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A tuna in the fields

The little fish swam across the roots of what seemed like a weed. It’s movements were scary but cautious. The roots of a certain plant cast their jiggly charm on the little creature . It seemed lost for a moment there, searching for its school of friends. But suddenly it disappeared from the sight. Could […]

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