You, are not enough

The world, as large as it might be, is an unfair state of affairs. The penniless is scolded for not owning a penny. The penny full is nagged for owning too much, The wife is shouted on, for not multitasking enough. The man is doubted with sterility, if enough humans are not brought into this […]

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Your clown 🤡

The feet are buried inside the ground many feet deep, I’m dancing with joy, may be I’m going to weep. Its stamped on the face, my big frown, For a smile, you just have to flip yourself upside down! The tears are rolling like a marathon, Didn’t you see? It’s raining and hey! They’re gone! […]

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The missing

Year after year, it feels so real, Day after day, There’s gone by another May, Pushing hard, the limits, often testing, Vividly there it stands, the missing. The pages are filling line by line, The pause, as I glare, the words are all mine. The sunsets slowly replace the rises, the skies are full of […]

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We forgot our anniversary!

No one was furious, No one was guilty, No one said sorry Because no one remembered , Until a relative called him, To wish happy anniversary! Then, we exclaimed , oh! And laughed about it. It was just a date marked in the calendars, A date which had no idea about the depth of our […]

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Black and white

As my mind is making space For things that matter to me at present, there are always some memories which are resistant to being erased They don’t give up to fading too. Unlike a paint brush, which needs to be dipped in color, everytime it fades The memory of this woman is here to stay, […]

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Time and relativity

If you’ve read this title and the thing that has popped immediately in your heads is physics , then please don’t run away! Because no one has run away from physics as far as I have. And you can’t compete me on that. So please turn your physics hating backs to mine and let’s ‘back-five’ […]

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The pressure of being a good Samaritan is much higher in today’s world than the need to be a normal person in the first place. Wherever the human race is expanding, the evil is spreading as well, but it is being whitewashed by the goodness propoganda. ‘Help thy neighbour’ is an incomplete sentence without ‘help […]

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The heart break

Some say it’s every romantic’s need, Maybe it’ll repair with your good deed ? But the knife pokes deeper and tends it to bleed! The mind is gargled with thoughts all swelly, Maybe you just need to warm yourselves up, need something wooly? Cheer up man! Think something jolly! Mend it at the right time […]

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Hide, seek and disappear

It’s almost end of this day and you can see this building half hidden in the greenery. To describe it, there are a few rooms and floors lighted already and the building looks sober and well, complete. But this was not what I first saw of it. It was a skeleton with a few iron […]

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