The influence

The thinking and nature of the many souls is contagious, 

A disease if the negation rises unduly. 

As the rotten apple rots the good one too, 

The soul is not spared by the impure minds. 

Prevent it , elevate that willpower to such an extent, 

That the rotten souls will shake off their dirt and bask in your glory. 

Cure the spread, search for the pure souls and shake off those rotten ones. 

For your rising as victorious one, the struggle is important. 

A keen observation 

For a week or so, I took a break from everything. That includes writing and reading! Yes! I can be that cruel on myself! But I observed something very important in that time ( yes. I can do that too!) 

         As my daily interaction with humans and sometimes other creatures and species, my brain was lazing out. Like it was on a hibernation or something. I could’ve compared it with the sloth but hey, I didn’t want the animal to come down to that. 

     When people threw something at me (verbally), I didn’t revert back, either  wittily or otherwise. I just let the words slap me and get away with it. I couldn’t get my brain storm into new ideas or thoughts that would eventually lead to creativity. 

     I just couldn’t write the stuff I’m writing now with this speed. And that made a take a step back and take a momentary pause. Was I reverting back on the Darwin’s evolution? Would a tail spring out of me from out of the blue!? 

      Unable to bear this nonsense I was putting up with myself, I forced myself to read a page of a book. And boom! My brain unclogged itself like a jammed water pipe. 

Phew! What a timely save! 

Zebra – A to Z challenge 

When you get out of your bad days, 

Enter your good days, 

You just had a striped life like a zebra. 

Bicoloured but worth living for. 

Even though it has a ‘z’ and a ‘bra’, 

It generally doesn’t cling you around. 

Be like a zebra. 

Striped, graceful and ever ready to be ‘crossed on’. 

And this is THE END of the A to Z Challenge. 

Perseverance is the key to clearance! 

Stay blessed! Stay happy! 

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Yearn to live – A to Z challenge 

You get up everyday in the morning, takes a shower, eats breakfast and goes off to work. The aim is to love through the day and relax in the evening. Have a little fun time with family and friends. 

And this routine changes on the weekend when the aim is just to enjoy and relax minus the working hours. 

Now imagine this. 

You wake up with a wide smile, forget about checking  feeds on that  idiot person in your hands. Instead, you smell the fresh breeze, enjoy the chirping of the little birds before the honking of the vehicle starts and enjoy that awesome warm shower. Eat the breakfast by breathing in the smell of each and every ingredient, drink a gallon full of water, and skip off to work with a grin of conquering your day. 

       Yes. Don’t just live the day to relax in the evening. 

Live it to conquer your life. 

Live it to not be glanced upon as an irritated person trying to avoid the prying. 

Live it to give more energy that ever before to each and everything you do. Whether it’s driving your car to solving major problems at work. 

Live each and every moment because if you do so, you’ll get the sweetest sleep you ever had. 

Live to yearn for a passionate life. 

Like an ‘X-ray ‘ – A to Z challenge 

The world was once a charming place for me ,

With no bad memories, happy people all around, 

No one was a criminal, no one could hurt one another. 
Years on, suddenly, I had this realisation of an X-ray! 

I could see the world through and through. 

The good memories were just the cover on the bad realities 

Happy people around were just sticking their smiles outside , 

There was a layer of coldness inside the hurt ones, the crimes weren’t a special thing now. 

I had the realisation of X-ray, which turned the world upside down 

The “view”- A to Z challenge 

( this is the continuation of the previous story) – The ‘urge’
As Tom got ready to climb the mountain, he was hoping that he would find peace there. That’s what he had come all the way for. 

As he began walking , he remembered the various people he had met from the time he had landed. The young boy who offered him the sacred drink, the woman who gave him shelter in her house, the family that cared for him like their own. He felt an unusual sensation in his heart. The one he had never felt before. 

After days of sweating, at last he reached what seemed like the end. A man was collecting fruits from a tree when Tom heaved a sigh of relief . 

A sudden realisation dawned upon him. He reached there because the unfamiliar feeling was of satisfaction, of content. All these people and surroundings had made him unknowingly happy and content and ultimately peaceful. He had no urges now only the view to enjoy from the top. 

The ‘urge’ 

(Continuation of the previous blog)

As the footsteps arrived closer, Tom turned around instantaneously to find a small boy looking up at him. He gestured him to take what was in his hands. Tom took a small bowl filled with what seemed to be coloured water. The boy then motioned him to drink it as he couldn’t speak in Tom’s tongue. 

         In the afternoon, as he was lead to what seemed like a large tomb of stone, by the locals there, Tom felt unreal peace from the time he had set foot on that land. 

The mysterious water he had drank earlier, made him sleep throughout the evening. As he woke up and was looking keenly at a mountain nearby, an old man with wrinkles prominent than his muscles stood near him looking at the mountain. “The Psangpo ( the holy saint) resides there and is the ultimate power of peace.”, he said in almost an overwhelming tone. He knew Tom’s tongue well. 

        “This is it! This is where I need to go!”, Tom exclaimed. After two more days, the urge to be on the top was getting more and more irresistible for Tom. In the early morning he packed his bag pack and  in no time was walking on the road to the high mountain. 

(To be continued in the next blog) 

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Time for a tale – A to Z challenge

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He checked his passport, his wallet and his bag. Tom had landed in a country which was on the map, but very few had truly …

Time for a tale – A to Z challenge 

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He checked his passport, his wallet and his bag. Tom had landed in a country which was on the map, but very few had truly discovered it. 

      He was first intrigued in its culture and the people when he had just scrolled through a book in the library while studying literature in Britain. “How can humanity sustain in a land with peace and non violence? “, he wondered. 

  He had decided to find it out himself. He had packed his bags and booked the tickets to fly for a retreat. His long break from life was already on the verge of breaking. 

    When he got to the small village where he was supposed to live for the next week, development had taken a back seat there. People still lived in houses made from twigs and barks. Had he come to the right place? As he wondered, he strolled through the woods. Suddenly there was rapid crumbling of the fallen leaves behind him. Someone was approaching him really fast. 

(Further part continued in the next blog)